SPOTlight on Speech-Language Pathology! Meet Nicole Dodge, M.A., CCC-SLP

1. Why and how did you decide to become an SLP?

After playing sports my whole life, I went into college thinking I wanted to become a physical therapist. During my first semester, I took a class that had a speaker from different medical fields discuss their profession and why they loved it. During one class, a SLP came into the classroom to discuss his profession. He talked about being an SLP with so much passion. He also spoke about the many different routes you can take as an SLP and I was very intruiged. The day after that class I changed my major and haven’t looked back! 
2.  What is your current favorite therapy toy or activity?

I have a few different go to toys depending on the child.  I use Critter Clinic often because there are so many different skills that can be targeted.  I also love using Mr. Potato Head for requesting and learning body parts; making a silly Potato is always a plus. After completing Mr. Potato Head, it is fun to feed him to help with sound imitation, parallel play, and requesting.
potato head
3. What is your favorite part of your job?

It’s hard to pick one favorite of my job! Seeing a child’s face light up when (s)he does something that (s)he has not been able to do before is probably the best thing about being a speech therapist. I also love working with different children at different ages; every day holds something different which keeps me on my toes.
4. What is something others don’t know about the field of speech-language pathology?

Something that I have learned about SLPs throughout the years is that we love working as a team. Especially here at the Therapy SPOT, we enjoy bouncing ideas off each other and asking questions to enhance our skills. There is no ONE way to help every child make improvements in their speech and language skills so it is nice to work together to figure out which way works best for each child/adolescent/adult we see!

5.  What is something you don’t know about me?  

I was born in New York, but grew up in Florida.  I love to go back to New York at least once a year to visit family and indulge in pizza and bagels. My husband and I also lived in Colorado for two years before moving to Statesboro. While in Colorado we skiied often, and enjoyed going hiking during the summer. 

The Therapy S.P.O.T. – Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy

Our multidisciplinary therapy center was established in 2007, and is committed to providing quality therapy services in a fun, family and child centered environment. We provide pediatric speech, feeding, physical, and occupational therapy as well as adult speech and swallowing therapy.  Our therapists have unique and specialized skills and training, and we strive to pair our patients with the therapists who will best meet their specific needs.  You can learn more about our services at  Questions or concerns?  Call us at (912) 681-7768 for a free consultation. ©Jason Hurst Photography 2014-2015

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